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Mervyn Mulardy:
Mary G:
Greg Tait:
Silver Stallion
Mary G:
Pardon My Passion
John Albert:
Remember Me
Nobody's People
Cry Stolen
Stealem Away
Gordon Marshall
Phillip Walley Stack
Footprince: You Better Run: (This CD is unavailable but you can pre-order a copy here)

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Mary G : Pardon My Passion
Merv Mulardy : Yatangal
Greg Tait : Silver Stallion
John Albert : Collection Plus
Mary G : Whaddayow
Footprince : You Better Run
Gordon Marshall : Muduwarra
Phillip Walley Stack : Strong
The KSG Series : Remember Me, Cry Stolen, Stealem Away and Nobody's People

John Albert "Collection" including 'Through A Mirror' and 'Colours' with a bonus track.

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2 Nyilil Boys Listen Add to Cart
3 Colours (In Your Heart) Listen Add to Cart
4 Love Is Like An Island Listen Add to Cart
5 Dark Skin Lady Listen Add to Cart
6 Seeing You Listen Add to Cart
7 Lombadina Listen Add to Cart
8 Poor Girl Listen Add to Cart
9 Colours (Colour Mix) Listen Add to Cart
10 Time To Make A Change Listen Add to Cart
11 Somebody Soon Listen Add to Cart
12 Mile After Mile Listen Add to Cart
13 One Way Man Listen Add to Cart
14 Memories of Love Listen Add to Cart
15 Run Boy Run Listen Add to Cart


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John Albert

John Albert Collection - plus Bonus Track; Colours Sandfire Mix

Singer/songwiter John Albert's powerful lyrics and original voice deliver a unique Kimberley sound.
The former Scrap Metal frontman says:
   “I was born and raised in the northern part of Western Australia where the land is red, the beaches are white and the seas are blue. Broome is a small town originally known for its booming pearl industry, a town that still has a reputation for being a melting pot of many cultures.
   Out of this pot came the rhythms of exotic hybrid styles of music. Influenced by many of these cultures, I have emerged from One Arm Point (Ardyaloon), the traditional home of the Bardi people, with my experience and composition to present to the people.
   The music on this album reflects the social issues of family, community and my Aboriginality. I am also aware of my environment, emotions and spirit which I have inherited through Aboriginal culture”.


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